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Can I add items to my order without incurring an extra shipping charge? - Yes. Simply place another order and choose the free "Group Buy" shipping option during checkout. Leave the Order Number in the comments field, or send us a note to combine it with your other order. You will receive confirmation from us that we received the addition. Added items must be eligible to ship with the original order's shipping service. (Starred items cannot be added to a Priority Mail order, animals can't be added to a rock shipment).

Login Trouble - Our website changed in May of 2012. Because of encryption issues, we couldn't move passwords and old accounts were deleted. You can create a new account during checkout. If you have technically difficult registing during checkout follow these instructions.

Ordering Trouble

How to use a shipping address different then the billing address. 

Credit Card processing errors 15005, 15008 etc...

Macro Algae Quick Answers

How do I attach a particular algae?

Which algae are edible?

What algae are natural homes for seahorses?

Payment Methods

 Do you take Paypal? Yes.

 Do you take Credit Card? Yes. 

Do you accept E-Check? Yes, via paypal, you do not need an account to send it. You will see the link on the paypal page when you are redirected to them.

Can I mail a check in for an order? Yes. Please print a copy of your cart with the letter, and make sure to include your email address and the address we are shipping the package to. We will email you to confirm we received the letter when it arrives. 

 Can I fax an order? Yes. Please send to (772) 872-5272 

 Algae Questions

 What cleaners eat Hair Algae? 

What cleaners eat red slime algae (Cyano)? 

What cleaners eat leftover fish food? 

What cleaners eat brown algae? 

What algae do I have? 

What are macroalgae and how do they effect my aquarium? 

How do I acclimate my new arrivals?


Will adding your base rock to my tank cause a new cycle? 

No, the rock is professionally cleaned and is devoid of any organics. Therefore, it will not cause a change in ammonia, nitrite or nitrate levels, the parameters normally associated with "the cycle". It doesn't have a bacterial population though either, and is not ready to support life by itself when it arrives, that will take some time in your aquarium for those populations to establish. In summary, it is safe to add to an established tank, just don't remove all the current rock until it has matured though; in a new tank it should be allowed to sit until a cycle has occured, you can start one by adding decaying organics to cause ammonia and kick start the process. FIsh flakes and cocktail shrimp are commonly used. 


When should I add a clean up crew to my tank? 

The tank must be cycled, and there should be some algae present for them to enjoy. Nitrates should be under 40ppm, and lower for certain inhabitants. Chitons and limpets for example should have nitrates under 10ppm consistently, as they become stressed when nitrates climb to 20ppm or greater. 


How do I request a later shipping date? 

Immediately before the "Confirm Order" button on our website you will find a comments box, you can request any shipping date you would like there and we will talk to you about it. However, weekends and holidays present some scheduling conflicts. No worries, you will receive human confirmation of all orders and a shipping day.


How do I attach this algae?

  • Cactus Caulerpa - tie or glue down on each end
  • Caulerpa Mexicana  - tie or glue down on each end
  • Caulerpa Prolifera  - tie or glue down on each end
  • Chaeto- free floating
  • Dictyota ciliolata - glue down
  • Fern Caulerpa - tie or glue down in multiple spots
  • Manatee Grass - plant in the substrate
  • Grape Caulerpa - glue down
  • Saw Blade Caulerpa - tie or glue down on each end
  • Heterosiphona - glue down
  • Suction Cup Caulerpa - tie or glue down on each end
  • Oar Grass - tie down on each end , and plant in substrate or just plant in substrate
  • Red Mangroves  
  • Black Mangrove 
  • Botryocladia (Red Grape) - glue down
  • Christmas Tree - plant in the substrate
  • Green Gracilaria - glue or tie down
  • Halimeda (Monile) - plant in the substrate
  • Halimeda scabra (Money Plant) - glue down
  • Halymenia - glue or tie down
  • Halymenia duchassaignii- glue down or tie down (or rubberband down etc...)
  • Red Gracilaria - glue or tie down
  • Mermaid's Wine Glass - already attached to rubble
  • Mermaid's Shot Glass - already attached to shell
  • Pencil Cap - plant in the substrate
  • Scroll Algae - glue down
  • Shaving Brush - plant in the substrate
  • Ulva - tie down
  • Codium - glue or tie down
  • Mermaid's Fan - plant in the substrate
  • Laurencia - glue down
  • Spatula Algae - plant in the substrate
  • Red Titan Algae - glue down
  • Sargassum - glue down
  • Fauchea - glue down
  • Fire Fern - glue down
  • Flame Algae - glue down
  • Liagora - plant in low, but steady, flow area with just the smallest bit of glue. Be very careful, this plant is delicate. Experienced aquarists only. It is normal for it to arrive looking like a formless blob.
  • Pink Galaxy - glue down

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Which algae are edible?

* = a favorite of herbivores

# = edible, but not a first choice of herbivores

No marking means it is edible, but some herbivores won't eat it or we do not recommend it for feeding for other reasons.

  • Cactus Caulerpa - #
  • Caulerpa mexicana
  • Caulerpa prolifera
  • Chaeto- # - edible, but very unlikely to be eaten if you have the chaeto we sell. Very, very, unlikely.
  • Dictyota ciliolata
  • Fern Caulerpa* - a favorite of French Angels
  • Manatee Grass #
  • Grape Caulerpa
  • Saw Blade Caulerpa
  • Heterosiphona sp*
  • Suction Cup Caulerpa
  • Oar Grass *
  • Botryocladia (Red Grape) * herbivorous fish and emerald crabs will likely eat the attractive bubbles this macro forms.
  • Green Gracilaria *
  • Halymenia *
  • Red Gracilaria*
  • Mermaid's Wine Glass*
  • Mermaid's Shot Glass*
  • Scroll Algae * - its light calcification works like fiber for tangs
  • Ulva* an ideal staple food for your fish. The best ulva is available in May or so.
  • Codium*
  • Laurencia*
  • Sargassum#
  • Liagora
  • Pink Galaxy
What algae are natural homes for seahorses?

* = will hitch ^ = biotope (meaning found in nature where seahorses live - Bays, coves, flats, etc...)

*^ Cactus Caulerpa
*^ Caulerpa Mexicana
*^ Caulerpa Prolifera
Chaeto loves to hunt around it
*^ Dictyota ciliolata
*^ Fern Caulerpa tie or in multiple spots
*^ Manatee Grass
*^ Grape Caulerpa
*^ Saw Blade Caulerpa
*^ Heterosiphona
*^ Suction Cup Caulerpa
*^ Oar Grass
*^ Red Mangroves
* Black Mangrove
*^ Botryocladia (Red Grape)
*^ Christmas Tree
*^ Green Gracilaria
*^ Halimeda (Monile)
*^ Halimeda scabra (Money Plant)
*^ Halymenia
* Halymenia duchassaignii
*^ Red Gracilaria
*^ Mermaid's Wine Glass dwarf sea horses only
*^ Mermaid's Shot Glass dwarf sea horses only
*^ Pencil Cap
*^ Shaving Brush
*^ Codium
^ Mermaid's Fan
*^ Sargassum biotope in the sense sargassum drift is very common there
*^ Fauchea
*^ Fire Fern
*^ Flame Algae
Credit Card processing errors 15005, 15008 -
For security reasons, Paypal, our credit card processor, sends multiple error codes when a security feature is incorrect. If you receive one of these errors, it is because of one of 3 reasons:
  1. A 7 digit plus 4 zip code was used. It causes an error when it is security checked by our software. Please use only 7 digit zip codes. 
  2. The billing address is incorrect, or improperly formatted. Try to enter the address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. 
  3. The credit card info, or 3 digit code was entered incorrectly.
*If you are still having trouble at this point, you can checkout using a credit still by selecting the Paypal payment method. When you get to the Paypal payment screen you will see a link that says "No Paypal account? Checkout as a guest with your credit card here". 

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